Our daily life in the caves is centered around meditation.  Each of us is free to practice in whatever way we feel to be most beneficial, and instruction and guidance is available when we need it. We have a meditation cave which is an ideal place to practise, or sometimes we prefer to meditate alone in our own caves, under a tree, or in some other quiet place.

We come together at 7am and 7pm each day for our group sittings.  After the sitting we sometimes ask questions or discuss the Dhamma.  Other than this we are free to use our time in whatever way we feel is most beneficial to our practice.

We try not to disturb each other with too much talking and socializing, but we are friendly and help each other whenever there is the need.

We have a small collection of books for reading and study.

Our main meal is at midday.  At the moment we have no resident cook, so we volunteer in taking turns to prepare lunch.  For breakfast we simply help ourselves to anything we fancy from the kitchen. In order to support meditation, we encourage guests to keep the precept to abstain from eating after midday, and so no evening meal is prepared. If our guests struggle to keep this precpet for health reasons however, they are welcome to prepare themselves an evening snack.

We share food, each person contributing in their own way. A wide range of foods are available to be bought at the local market.  Our guests may also like to harvest the local nuts and fruits when they are in season. Our resident monastic community are encouraged to go for alms.

There is always work to be done, and it is up to each person to decide for themselves how much time they would like to give to community service and the type of service that they would like to do.

In all ways, we try to keep life simple, living with contentment and gratitude.